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Company Profile


PURI KHATULISTIWA HOTEL is one of the three-star hotel was established with the minimalist traditional concept. The interior rooms are designed by renowned design experts with a minimalist style and traditional touches, making PURI KHATULISTIWA HOTEL as a comfortable place to rest, stay, hold seminars, business meetings, training, or a temporary residence for families, businesses, and tourists.


"Be the best Three Stars Hotel in performance and service in the East Bandung and Surrounding areas."


PURI KHATULISTIWA HOTEL is located in the east area of Bandung, precisely on Highway Bandung - Sumedang Km.20. Jatinangor subdistrict, district. Sumedang. Although administratively located in Sumedang district, the location advantages of PURI KHATULISTIWA HOTEL, providing ease of travel time to downtown Bandung only be 15 minutes. Position near the Toll road provides easy access to shopping malls, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, entertainment centers, attractions, antique shops, business center, and finance for tourists and business people in Bandung and Sumedang.

PURI KHATULISTIWA HOTEL lies also in the traffic lane between the province of West Java and Central Java Province, allowing PURI KHATULISTIWA also called for public transit commuters Bandung - central and eastern Java.

Jatinangor as a regional center of higher education in western Java, where universities such as UNPAD, IPDN, UNWIM and IKOPIN located in this region, they has thousands of students from various region of Indonesia and overseas, making PURI KHATULISTIWA HOTEL as the top choice for parents or family students who wish to visit his family who studied at universities in Jatinangor.

HOTEL PURI KHATULISTIWA which is close to the toll road access also provides easy access from all major cities in West Java and Jakarta, making it easier to conduct business meetings or trainings in PURI KHATULISTIWA HOTEL.

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